How to make a pulley system!


What is a pulley?

A pulley is a simple mechanism which helps you to lift heavy objects. It lessens the effort required to lift the object. It usually consists of a wheel that has a groove in it or raised edges on which a string or rope runs over. One end of the rope is attached to the object that needs lifting and the other has someone or something pulling it. Are you ready to create your very own pulley using some simple crafts materials?

STEAM areas: Science, Gravity, Physics, Force, Engineering.

 What you will need:

Step One – Create your pulley

We have used a wooden spool for the basis of our pulley system. Thread this spool onto a wooden stick and thread a wooden cube onto each end of the stick. We will attach these with glue in a later step. Set aside.

Step Two – Create your handle

To create a handle for your pulley, use a short piece of pop stick with a hole in either end and push a wooden stick into each hole. Attach with glue.

Step Three – Assemble your counterweight and crank

Onto one of the wooden sticks thread a wooden cube and then a spool. Attach the spool with glue and then wrap 40cm of string around it and then attach the end of the string to another spool with glue or a double knot. Thread another wooden cube onto the end of the stick and then glue a small spool to the end to hold the rest in place. Place another 2 cubes under the first 2 cubes and attach with glue. Your pulley is complete! We then created a base structure for the pulley to sit on.

Step Four – Decorate your pulley system

Decorate your balsa block or box and attach 2 wooden cubes to the back corners of the surface. Look to the image as a guide. Make sure the holes in your wooden cubes are facing upwards. You might like to add some wheels to your base using spools and wooden sticks.

Step Five – Put it all together!

Attach 2 wooden sticks to your cubes with glue and then attach a small wooden spool to the top of each stick. We used a hot glue gun. Attach your pulley to your base structure using our image as a guide. Add a small dab of glue to the end of each stick at the top of the pulley to restrict movement. Check out your new pulley- Start lifting that heavy wooden spool!


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