Easy Peasy Three Cheese Lasagne


This isn’t paleo, or low carb, its not really healthy in any way shape or form but it is glorious to eat! I always make 2 or 3 in one go because its just as easy to throw a few in freezer (these freeze really really well) and I would recommend putting them in foil containers with lids.  I often gift my lasagnes, and it  just means the person receiving them doesn’t have to worry about dropping the dish back, and most importantly they don’t have to wash it up! I don’t know about you but I hate scrubbing white baking dishes.  I will serve the fresh lasagne we are going to eat that night in a fancy dish, and the freezing lasagnes in the foil containers.  Make sure you label and date them as well.  This will make two medium sized lasagnes or one really huge one, don’t forget if you have any meaty pasta sauce left over, then freeze that mofo and toss it through some fresh pasta (or use it as a filling for jaffles) for one night when you can’t be arsed to cook.

I am just going to write passata for the pasta sauce, I do make my own and I will put that recipe up soon – but I would go with whatever pasta sauce you love, make sure it’s not too sweet and has a good dose of garlicky goodness!



500g of beef mince

500g of pork mince

3 x 700g passata or sugo

1 teaspoon of garlic

1/2 cup of red wine

4 tablespoons of dried italian herbs

fresh basil

1 large brown onion diced finely (and I do mean finely! It needs to blend into the red sauce)

3 x 250g lasagne sheets (I recommend buying fresh if you can, try to get pasta that has been made with egg)

2 cups of grated mozzarella cheese

1 1/2 cups of ricotta cheese

Handful of chopped fresh basil or parsley (either is fine, I prefer basil)

2 cups of tasty cheese



In a fry pan brown the onion, add your pasta sauce, red wine, dried herbs and garlic.  Don’t add the garlic into the onion when it is browning, make sure it cooks into the sauce.

Once the sauce has been simmering for a good hour, add your meat and cook on low until the meat is cooked through.  You don’t want the sauce to wet, so if need be – continue to simmer without a lid on until it has a good meaty consistency.

In your baking dish ladle a spoon full of meaty pasta sauce on the bottom.  Many people put the lasagne sheets down on the baking dish first, remember its the sauce that cooks the pasta sheets so you need to ensure the sheets are wet both sides, nothing worse then biting through crunchy or undercooked pasta!

Layer you ingredients, so pasta sauce, lasagne sheets, and cheese, a few lovely globs of ricotta everywhere over the meat sauce and then place some fresh basil leaves spariodically in there too.  Keep this up until the dish is full.

Make sure you keep a good few handfuls of tasty cheese aside for the top layer so it bubbles and browns beautifully in the oven.

Cook on 180 for 45 minutes (or until golden brown).


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Jess Steel
Jess Steel
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