Healthy Dessert Maker: Yonanas Review – Plus Win 1 of 2


The Yonanas Healthy Dessert Maker arrived in our house just in time for the first wave of warmer weather and so it was put to use immediately.

I have to admit that at first sight I was a little apprehensive that this rather simple looking machine could really create the delicious looking ice creams that the recipe book and fantastic pictures promised. Would it be just another of those kitchen gadgets that’s great the day you get it then lives in the cupboard until one day, whilst moving house, you find it in the back of the cabinet, and say “oh, I’d forgotten all about this. Pop it in the garage sale box” My 5-year-old son on the other hand was extremely excited and, while drooling over the recipe book, had made a long list of deserts that we just had to make and we headed to the shops to stock up on the essential (and healthy) ingredients.

We were up and running in no time and much to the delight of all of us the Yonanas Maker lived up to its promise and we’ve now enjoyed lots of healthy and delicious ice cream treats and the Yonanas Maker has earned its place on the kitchen side.

It’s Clever!

At first glance the Yonanas Maker did look like it would be just be another blender but it couldn’t be more different. The multiple blades are really cleverly crafted, so that they create a really delicious texture much like soft serve ice cream rather than the single blade of a blender that pretty much just mushes your food. The blades are also neatly tucked away inside the machine and therefore it made it really safe for my children to be able to use too.

It’s easy!

What struck me most is just how easy and simple the Yonanas Maker is to use. As a busy Mum of four, the juggling act of motherhood can leave very little time for stopping to create or try new things and so sometimes I find myself shying away from the Mummy/child cooking activities that I had once enjoyed so much with my first 2 little ones. Fortunately the yonanas is so quick and easy to use that my little ones have already mastered it and have been thoroughly enjoying creating their own healthy deserts all by themselves.

It’s Healthy!

I am always conscious that I need to get the right foods into my little ones and the Yonanas Maker really helps me do that. The recipes are pretty much just fruit – nothing else, no additives, no added sugar, no sweetener, no colourings – no nasties at all (expect for the occasional dark chocolate thrown in with some raspberries for a slightly naughty treat, that I need to write ‘just for grown ups’ on). The only downside, although not really a downside, is that it’s hard to say no when the kids ask for homemade ice-cream now as, how can I refuse them all that healthy fruit? So I have to keep my freezer packed with yummy frozen fruits all ready to go. It’s also a great way to use up all of those over ripe bananas, which now go straight in the freezer (once peeled).

It’s fun!

There are so many lovely recipes in the book that there is something for everyone and every occasion and you can keep strictly healthy or indulge in the odd chocolate addition. Best of all though is that the simplicity of it means that we can all get creative and my little ones have been enjoying coming up with their own creations or ‘inventions’ as they like to call them…..some, like ‘Raspberry and white chocolate’ have been divine and other creations which have been a little more ‘off the wall’ have been um, well lets just say ‘interesting’. I love that the Yonanas Maker is really encouraging my family to experiment with healthy food and enjoy it at the same time.

It’s affordable!

With the Yonanas Maker prices starting at only $79.95, it’s a great investment for some healthy treats and a lot of fun. Considering that my little ones would now prefer to go home and make ice cream rather than buy it, it’s a huge long term save.

Would I recommend it?

A huge YES! If you love ice cream, want a healthy option with great taste, would like to kids to enjoy healthier treats and have fun at the same time then you’ll love the Yonanas healthy dessert maker.


Written by Julie Williams


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Disclosure: The author was gifted this product for the purpose of an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed here are her own.
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