Lunchbox Inspiration: Winter Warmer Ideas

Winter School Lunches

Now that the weather is cooling down, it’s time to kick the sandwiches to the curb and find some nice, hearty and warming lunch recipes for your little ones. To make things nice and easy, we’ve put together a list of our favourite winter lunch recipes for kids.

First of all, if you’re sending warm lunches to school, then it’s a great idea to buy an insulated container or Thermos. These will keep food warm for up to 5 hours, making them a fantastic investment over the cooler months. Don’t forget to include cutlery and a serviette… some winter lunches can get a little messy!

So what yummy lunch ideas are perfect for the cooler months? Let’s check them out…

Zucchini Slice

We love zucchini slice because it’s quick and easy. Make a big batch (or two) and freeze in individual portions. Reheat before serving.


Click here for the yummy recipe. 

Baked Beans

Kids adore baked beans. Top with a little grated cheese, or even add in some chopped avocado, for an extra yummy treat.


Make a big batch of soup on the weekend and freeze it in individual containers. If you’re sending it to school, reheat it in the morning and pop it into a Thermos.


Click here for the easy recipe. 

Leftover Homemade Pizzas

Reheat leftover pizza in the morning and wrap tightly in foil. This will keep the slices warm until lunchtime. You can also place the wrapped slices into an insulated container to keep them extra toasty.


Click here for the kid-friendly recipe.


Speaking of toasties! Whip up some toasted sandwiches in the morning and wrap them tightly in foil for a warm lunchtime treat. Again, use an insulated container if possible.

Pasta or Mac & Cheese

We all know that when you make pasta you seem to end up with way too much or not enough! Next time you’re making dinner, add in a bit of extra pasta and then pop it into an insulated container. Reheat it in the morning before school.


Click here for the recipe. 


Make a batch of zucchini and corn fritters (or any flavour you like) and pop a couple into an insulated container. Serve on their own or with a little natural yoghurt or sauce.


Check out the yummy recipe. 

Sausage Rolls & Pasties

There is nothing more comforting on a cold winters day than a sausage roll or two! Pop them into an insulated container or have your child heat them up at school (if they have access to a microwave).


You won’t be able to resist this easy recipe. 

Cheesymite Scrolls

These are delicious straight out of the oven, but are still super yummy when lunchtime rolls around. A perfect alternative to the traditional cheese and vegemite sandwich.

Savoury Muffins

These are great on their own or even served with a bowl of warm soup. Yummy and healthy!


Everyone will love this recipe!


Frittata can be served warm or cold. Pack it full of vegetables for a healthy lunchtime meal.

What yummy lunches do you pack for your little ones during the colder months?


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