How to Stress Less and Enjoy Your Child’s Birthday Party – PLUS GIVEAWAY

how to enjoy your child's birthday party

 How to Enjoy Your Child’s Birthday Party (Instead of Running Around Like a Stressed-Out, Headless Chook!)

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If you have ever hosted a children’s birthday party, you’ll know that the planning and preparation process begins weeks ahead of the actual birthday party. In fact, for just a few short hours of fun, the to-do list can sometimes be rather overwhelming. I’ll be the first to admit that after a busy birthday celebration I have collapsed onto the couch only to realise that I was too busy getting het up about the finer details to actually take a minute to stop, and enjoy the moment. I can’t even tell you how many birthday parties I have thrown for my children and I don’t appear in a single one of the photographs – because I was too busy buzzing around making sure thing ran smoothly, instead of relaxing and joining in the party fun.

So, what’s the solution? Well, it’s easy to say, and sometimes harder to do, but the solution is delegating jobs. Now, I know for some of us, relinquishing control is a little more difficult than for others, but you’d be surprised just how much more enjoyable (and less stressful) an event like a children’s birthday party can be if you let people help. As foreign as the idea of asking for help is to some of us, I think that after trying it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. People actually love to feel involved and lend a hand – especially in something as fun as a special little person’s birthday celebration. Whether it’s blowing up balloons, filling party bags, making a playlist of party tunes etc, don’t be afraid to delegate jobs. Many hands make light work – and if you aren’t trying to do everything, you’ll have more time to enjoy the company of your guests.

Not everyone has family of friends close by to lend a hand though.

If you have a reliable babysitter or nanny you’ll know that the right one can be worth their weight in gold. Why not involve them in the party preparations too?

Nannies are able to help with the food prep, cleaning up and sorting out kids games.  If you are yet to find your perfect babysitter/nanny we recommend visiting Australia’s most trusted online nanny and babysitting service – My Super Nanny

Lastly, think about how you can use your time most effectively. One of the most loathed and time-consuming of all party preparations for me personally is the grocery shopping. It generally needs to be done the day before to ensure that the food is fresh, (just to add to that stress-factor) and there is always something on the list you forget isn’t there? My tried and tested solution to the dreaded party shop is to do it online. Seriously, I can work my way methodically through my list of must have items, I can do it the week before and select my delivery time slot, and I can do it on the couch in my PJ’s when the kids are asleep. Much easier than searching the aisles for some random ingredient, pushing a wonky-wheeled overflowing trolley and checking my watch to make sure that I am through the checkout and home in time to do the school run!

Remember – at the end of the day – no one is even going to notice, let alone remember that you forgot the cocktail sausages – or that the serviettes didn’t match the tablecloth. Don’t sweat the small stuff! It’s a celebration of the day your beautiful child entered the world, YOUR WORLD – enlist the help of others in the party preparation, and make the time to soak up the party vibes yourself,

Visit for more information on how to find a carer to match your family’s individual needs and interests. It’s completely free to use, and offers access to thousands of carers Australia wide. Finding your perfect babysitter/nanny is easier than you think.



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