WATCH: How to Make DIY Lollipop Flowers

how to make diy lollipop flowers video

Hands up if you love a fun little craft project? Me too! There really is nothing better than getting your craft on. This is a great craft activity to do with the kids. It’s quick, easy and best of all, it’s super cheap. In fact, you probably already have the things you need lying around the house.

If you’re planning a wedding, these cupcake lollipops make a unique centrepiece. This is a great DIY option for those sticking to a budget (aren’t we all!). They’re also perfect if you’re after something a bit quirky. Best of all, the guests can eat the lollipops at the end of the night! Win win!

These cute DIY Lollipop Flowers would also make a great Valentines Day craft activity. Why not make 5-6 flowers and tie them together with string for an instant lollipop bouquet. There really is nothing sweeter than a thoughtful (and delicious) treat.

To make the lollipop flowers, all you need is a packet of paper cupcake cases and some lollipops… oh and a hole punch! But that’s it. No fancy materials required here. I love craft activities that are easy and don’t involve too many materials.

This craft activity is simple enough for your kids to be able to do on their own (or with a little assistance) and the lollipop flowers make the cutest little gift that they can give to one of their friends.

Start off by laying 6 cupcake cases onto a flat surface. Fold four of the cupcake cases in half. Punch a hole in the middle of each of the cases, 1/4 inch from the edge. Fold the remaining two cupcake cases in half and punch a hole on the edge of the cases. Unfold. Place the four folded cupcake cases onto the lollipop stick, layering 1/4 over each other. Place the two opened cupcake liners onto the lollipop stick. Push the cupcake liners up to the top of the stick so that they are secured.

Still a little bit confused? No problem at all! Simple follow our step-by-step video to make your own DIY Lollipop Flowers.

Have you ever made DIY Lollipop Flowers? Do your kids love doing craft activities at home?

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