Say Goodbye to Cake Disasters! Cake 2 the Rescue Review and Giveaway

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Before you pick up the phone to call a professional cake maker to create your child’s next themed birthday cake, check out Cake 2 the Rescue.

I know what you are thinking. You don’t have the time, or the talent, or the patience or whatever else you think you might need to bake a cake worthy of whipping out for a group of hungry party people. But trust me, with a little help from Baker Girl Lou in the form of one of her Cake Rescue kits, your child’s birthday cake will be one of the highlights of your child’s special day.

Cake 2 the Rescue’s Cake rescue Kits are designed to take the pressure out of having to bake for your child’s birthday – and are surprisingly affordable. In fact with over 150 designs to choose from, choosing which cake to bake is that hardest part!

Each kit comes delivered to your door with everything you need for your chosen cake, including easy to follow step by step instructions and templates to help you get the perfect result. No more weighing and measuring the ingredients, no more frantic supermarket trips looking for ingredients to decorate, in fact, Cake to the Rescue’s disposable baking trays mean you can even give the washing up the flick! All you need are a few fresh ingredients e.g. eggs, butter and milk and you’re all set!

Still think you can’t do it? Check out what these reviewers had to say about their experience with the Cake 2 the Rescue Cake Kits.


Cake 2 the Rescue Reviews

Katharin, Burnie, TAS

Cake 2 The Rescue kits are a fabulously useful resource as Dinosaur Bob was extremely quick & easy to make & they are very handy & useful for time poor Mum’s. The pricing of the kits is also reasonable considering the costs I have paid in the past 2 years for my Son’s Baptism, 1st & 2nd Birthday cakes. The kits also contain almost everything you need including a very handy pair of disposable plastic gloves for use while icing as the blue food colouring stains your hands, the most cutest little wooden rolling pin which my Son has now taken, added into his play Kitchen set up (purchased from IKEA) & cannot stop rolling various items in the house with it. He knew exactly how to correctly use it even though I hadn’t shown him yet what to do with it,  a plastic cake lifter for when you are ready to cut the cake & eat it & a packet of Birthday candles. The only exception is some kitchen staples of eggs, milk & margarine.


All the kits ingredients were enclosed in a large box, well packaged, clearly labelled & the full colour detailed instructions were very easy to follow. I’m quite prone to changing recipes and/or not following them as they are usually too lengthy to make, hard to follow or require too many ingredients, but Cake 2 The Rescue is the total opposite of this & I was thrilled this was the case. I will certainly be looking into their designs in the future & not just for Birthday cakes.



Lucy, Leongatha, VIC

When you receive your Cake to the Rescue box it has literally everything you will need to make the cake inside. Literally. Everything. It even has a disposable box that you cook the cake in (which means less washing up!!). The kit had everything from the cake ingredients (minus the eggs, margarine and milk), to the fondant, a little rolling pin, a cake board, a cake knife, the cutting templates and even a teeny tiny container of glitter. See I told you… they’ve got everything covered!


The actual cake making process is the simplest thing ever. And it comes with step-by-step instructions so you really can’t go wrong. The cake is baked in the disposable cake tin and is HUGE (which is actually really cool because it means that when you use your template and cut the edges off, you have heaps of cake to nibble on while you ice and decorate it!).

Next up is the really easy process of icing the cake. The icing is super smooth and pliable which makes it easy to spread. I did get a fair bit on the board while I was icing it, but it wiped off easily.

Then came the dreaded fondant (well I was dreading it anyway!). And yet it was seriously no problem at all – and that’s from a long-term fondant hater! I was really surprised how easy it was to use and I’m definitely going to try a few more little fondant adventures now that I’ve got my confidence up.

I absolutely loved how the cake turned out. It looked exactly like the example and was really quick and easy to make. It honestly only took 1 hour from the time I started cutting out the cooked cake to the time it was completely finished. That’s really good for a super pretty looking cake.



Tania, Seaford Rise, SA

When I received my Cake 2 the rescue box/parcel in the post I opened the box and saw a box full of all the items you would need to make a decorated cake. It looked a bit overwhelming at first and I thought oh my goodness how am I going to make this?? Following the step by step instructions, the fondant was a bit tricky as I hadn’t used it before, but it still worked out.
When I took a photo of my finished cake I was pretty happy with how it turned out. So was my 4 year old daughter, Zoe!


Michelle, Ferntree Gully, VIC

We opened the box to find heaps of amazing goodies to make our “soon to be” masterpiece! From the cake mix, the icing, right down to the rolling pin and even candles! You guys didn’t miss a thing!!! So cool!

I made the cake, let it cool, then put it in an air right container (as directed by your awesome instructions) for the boys to help me decorate the next day.
 I can’t tell you how excited they were! 🙂 I cut the cake shape using
 the template provided. I was nervous but was very surprised at how easy it was. Then each of my boys took turns icing it.

I then gave them each a job….The fondant! 😉 Mason made the gums and
 eyes, Sebastian had the blue fondant and cut out all the fins and tail, and Caleb cut out all the teeth. They did so well, I was very impressed

Then it was time to piece it all together.


Again, I was super nervous because I wanted it to turn out just like the picture but didn’t think I could pull it off considering I’d NEVER made a cake like this in my life! AND my cooking ain’t that crash hot lol! 
I’ve only ever ordered my boys cakes from professional cake making 
businesses, or made them cupcakes…so yeah….the odds were I was
 going to make a complete mess of this poor shark.

The instructions that were supplied were very easy to follow, even for me! We pieced Sharky together and the boys and I couldn’t believe our eyes!! We rocked it! I don’t think we could have done it any better! We totally surprised ourselves! Check out our delicious Sharky..

The boys were super proud!

We will definitely be ordering one of your amazing cake kits again! Not only was it easy to make and fun for the kids, but it tasted DELICIOUS! We give Cake 2 the Rescue 10 out of 10 and I have not stopped telling
 everyone all about your wonderful kits! So expect a few more 
customers 🙂


Wow! Didn’t they all do a fantastic job? Not only did they avoid the cost associated with having a cake professionally made, but they actually had fun too.

Hero status with their child for minimal stress! Priceless!

With all of our reviewers rating their experience with Cake 2 the Rescue positively, we have no hesitations about awarding them with our official MMG (Mum Media Group) stamp of approval!


With a huge variety of competitively priced cake kits available, why not turn to Cakes 2 the Rescue for your next celebration. To view the range of cakes available or to learn more, visit


The Giveaway

Cake 2 the Rescue are giving 3 lucky readers the chance to try out their Cake Rescue kits for themselves! For you chance to win follow the instructions on the entry form below. Good luck!
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  • Allison

    I love the rainbow cake. It would be perfect for my youngest daughter’s 2nd birthday… and it looks to be one of the more simple cakes. So I can hopefully gain some confidence in the cake decorating department lol! Thanks for the chance to win Cake to the Rescue.

  • claire evans

    really love the MERMAID PRINCESS CAKE KIT

  • Sally Jones

    I would have to get the angry birds cake kit for my son who is Obsessed with them!!

  • Rory James

    I would pick the nas-car cake kit as my son just loves cars!

  • Nicole

    I love the minion cake or I would choose a jersey. Love the details In them.

  • Kylie Sneddon

    I would choose the PUPPY DUDE CAKE KIT as my son just loves dogs and would love this cake!

  • ang t

    mermaid princess cake kit my daughters birthday is on Valentines day I would love to give her the cake of her dreams, its so hard as a struggling single parent

  • Michele J

    Oh how fab are these….but can’t go past the T Rex cake my eldest would be beside himself if that was presented on his birthday, he loves dinosaurs.

  • Joanne Everson

    I’d love the NRL South Sydney Rabbitohs cake for my almost year old Rabbitohs fan

  • Ang

    I’d love to get the Dump Truck cake kit for my nephews next birthday.

  • Hollie

    I would pick the monster high as both my daughters are absolutely in love with it! And how awesome would mummy be if I gave them a fantastic looking cake for their birthday?!

  • lesley


  • Megan McCormack

    I would LOVE the CATERPILLAR CAKE KIT (BUTTER ICING BASE) for my nephews first birthday. I adore him and think he and his family would love it 🙂

  • Rachel Kriss-Newell

    The Butterfly Cake Kit – surely I couldn’t go wrong with this one. My cake making skills seem very lacking. The last cake I made didn’t rise properly and I ended up making a trifle out of it. Luckily our Mir 11 likes trifle or it could have been a disaster. I need any assistance I can when it comes to baking – there’s nothing worse than a crying birthday child looking at their dud cake.

  • Lou Street

    The TREE OWLS (BUTTER ICING BASE) CAKE KIT would be beautiful for my daughters 2nd birthday cake!!

  • Rebecca

    My daughter loves the Puppy Babe – so gorgeous

  • The Beautiful Frozen like Icy Snowflake Princess cake! I’d be a Supermum amongst the school mums and a “the best mum” to my eldest daughter who turns 5 this Sunday! We love to bake together and I’d love nothing more than to pass my love of baking on to my girls 🙂

  • sarah chippett

    I would choose the fire truck rescue kit as my 3yr old is obsessed with fire man sam 😉

  • Evelynne

    I did try to make the fire engine cake for my 1st son 2years ago & it’s surprisingly so easy to make for someone who never bake a cake before. And the cake is so moist as well. I get lot’s of compliments from other parents bout the cake too. Now I would love to win the dump truck cake for my 2nd son for his 5th birthday in a couple months time. He’s been so obsessed with dump truck for few years now.

  • Jennifer Robertson

    Sharkey Cake looks great. Maybe he won’t be grinning quite so much when we start eating him.

  • Tanya

    Batman! My little super hero would think I was Wonder Woman if I presented him with this cake!

  • Denise murry

    Hootabelle for my daughter and Raphael from the ninja turtles for my son

  • Alicia Bardsley

    Fairy Princess Cake Kit for my daughter who is turning 7 in March

  • Jillian Ives

    I’d love a custom kit to make a flamingo cake for my daughters first birthday. I made the rainbow cake for my baby shower at 26 weeks pregnant so I’m sure I can handle making my own design for her first birthday

  • Trudi Verrico

    I love all of their cakes and it is so hard to choose but I absolutely love the barnyard cake kit.

  • Nicole

    That would be amazing…what an awesome idea for a business…great work 🙂

  • Mary M.


  • Jodie

    It would have to be the Babushka set, just perfect for my babushka loving friend!

  • MichelleAnn

    Turtle Cake Kit. Our daughter loves them.

  • I would love any one of them… Me and my daughter love to bake together…

  • Vanessa

    My boys would love the dragon cake as they love the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2. And I would be the most amazing mum ever if I was to pull the feat off of making the cake look like it actually does in the picture.

  • jo lam

    My little man would go crazy over the nas- car cake. He loves cars and lives cake so this would be great!

  • Anne Marsh

    My darling granddaughter would just be over the moon if we won the fairy princess cake rescue kit for her upcoming birthday – grammy isn’t great with cake making and this would turn a disaster into a miracle

  • Kathy Clark

    Ballerina Cake as its similar to the cake my Grandmother made for me when i was a Child

  • Jo Kennedy

    I would choose the Cookie Monster cake kit, I think its fantastic and fun, it would be very much a talking point amongst everyone attending my sons party.

  • Matilda

    Amazing cakes! Would love to win and make for my four grand daughters, we love to bake together and at the same time they learn skills such as mathematics and working together !

  • Joanne Cardamone

    The Pig Babe Cake Kit because my daughter is obsessed with Peppa Pig (Oink Oink)

  • Leah

    With 2 little boys and so many wheel, the fire whine truck would be ideal!! Cake to the Rescue kits are ace, we’d definitely love one at out place

  • Helen Stitt

    I am torn between the Daffodil teapot and the Tree Owls (fondant base) kit, because I would use it for my Mum’s 100th Birthday Party in May.

  • Hayley

    Oh it’s a challenge to choose! I think the dragonfly one for my little girls first birthday. But there balloon and ballerina are tempting too 🙂

  • Valerie Wee

    DINOSAUR BOB CAKE KIT. My little girl’s birthday is coming soon. It would be a surprise for her to own this special cake.

  • Karen B.

    It’s so hard to choose. So many beautiful cakes. But if I had to choose one it would be the dolphin cake, because she’s so cute, or the vintage diy Cupcakes because they let your creative juices flow.

  • Karen B.

    So hard to choose. But I’d choose the dolphin cake, because she’s so cute. Or the vintage diy cupcakes because you can let your creativity loose

  • Kimberley

    My little minion and I would not be able to go past the minion cake, of course! ‘Banana!’

  • Adele Smith

    The Dolphin Cake Kit as my granddaughter loves the water and as we are planning on taking her to Sea World I know she would love this cake.

  • Kristy Procter

    I would love the barnyadr cake kit as my kids would love it 😀

  • Pamela

    Would love to be able to make the Red Velvet cupcakes for Valentine’s Day ! Home made gifts are made with love and often the best gifts to receive.

  • mandy

    I love these cake packs i have made a dragon for my sons 2nd birthday love them so easy to use too

  • Sarah Armstrong

    My youngest daughter is a huge Monster High fan, so it wins hands down

  • Jen Smith

    MONSTER HIGH CAKE KIT would suit our little Miss 4 we call Drac-u-lora…..Her name is Allora, she lives and breathes Monster High.

  • Amy

    Babushka all the way!

  • Joan Paterson

    I would love the dinosaur, if I’m lucky enough to win, thankyou…..

  • Therese Dempsey

    Wow so many to choose from, my mr 5 would LOVE the rocket ship, My mr 11 would LOVE the minecraft, and my miss 14 (Doctor Who fan) would LOVE the british tea pot… had such fun looking through them all, its like this one… no this one… no this one…

  • Lauren Ciantar

    My son was looking at the site with me and he would absolutely love Dinosaur Bob for his upcoming 5th birthday.

  • Brenda kapsley

    GUITAR ACOUSTIC CAKE KIT as daughter has just started guitar lessons and loves them so love to give her a guitar cake like her guitar for her next birthday

  • Milly Howells

    I’d love to be able to make the Vintage DIY Cupcakes for my little girls 4th birthday. She would love them because she loves all things pretty like cupcakes with butterfly’s and flowers!

  • Bec

    Minion cake, I have always wanted a minion to do my bidding. Plus my girls would love it.

  • Joanne sampson

    The shark my little boy is shark crazy

  • Kerilee P

    I would love the blue Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for my husband’s 30th birthday at the end of the month. He found out about his surprise party (!!) but he doesn’t know about his cake. Need to keep some air of mystery!

    My son’s first birthday is in April, and I want Tigger for him, but sadly there isn’t one on your site – request for new addition, please 😉

  • Amanda

    The unicorn kit; to present a cake that isn’t a flop would make the day magic!

  • Natalie Cain

    definitely a minion cake for my minion obsessed little man

  • Correna

    I would love to win the Minion cake my son is obsessed and wants a minon party for his 3rd birthday. I wouldn’t know where to start with the cake.

  • Kylee

    The jersey cake in hawthorn colours for my sons up and coming 12th birthday

  • Lidia

    The batman cake kit. His birthday is in a few weeks and would love a super hero cake. This would be perfect

  • Adrienne harries

    Ballerina it has to be
    For little miss’ birthday tea
    She’s a little dancing queen
    The cutest thing I’ve ever seen

  • Charlie

    After looking through the great variety of cakes I have finally decided I would choose the Raa Raa cake. It looks simple but also challenging ( I love a challenge) and my 2 yr old absolutely loves Raa Raa! I think it’s great that Cake 2 the rescue has character cakes as well as all the other different styles 🙂

  • sherry blamer

    I love the batman cake kit. My daughter would love that.

  • Hayley C

    I’d love the AFL Team Jersey or the sport-Aussie Rules cake for my wonderful 10 yo nephew who will be 11 in May . For my special 5 turning 6 yo nephew I’d love the Turtle (TMNT) cake or the magnificent Minion cake! I’d also love the Minion cake for my birthday as well lol. Thanks.

  • Tiffiny Palm

    Wow! These are all great! I have 4 kids. 3 girls and 1 boy. My son has his 10th Birthday coming up, he would love the Minion cake. My daughter who will be 7 would love the blue frozen princess cake. My other daughter who will be 14 loves horses and would love the horse cake. My youngest is 1…she would love the barn yard cake…she likes to sing e-i-e-i-o

  • I’d love the Monster Truck cake kit. My husband and 2 boys are obsessed with monster trucks and we have a friend who drives one so we love going to watch him compete. There are so many amazing kits on there though, I’ll be buying a few soon. 🙂

  • Sonia Chang

    I love to cooking for my family and friends. This prize would bring a lot of smile on my kids’ faces. I love it.

  • Bronwyn

    Make mine a Minecake cake kit
    all creepy black and green.
    Given a cake of such crafty deliciousness
    boys would quickly lick their plates clean.

  • Thomas

    I’d love a Police Box cake kit, if only to see if it’s bigger on the inside!

  • Anne Mansfield

    The Dolphin cake looks great for my granddaughter.

  • julie

    I love the colourful rainbow cake.I love to create and my 3 year old daughter loves to watch and help me .This would be ideal for us to make and enjoy

  • Jenni

    The cheeky monkey as that is what we call our son.

  • Kasey Evans

    Ice Castle Cake as my daughter is a frozen fan & I have a clue how to do a castle!

  • Mariam

    I have just come across these, what an awesome idea!! So convenient and the price point Is even better. What a great variety from the unicorn, to the fire engine and the blue balloon.

  • Jessica

    So many amazing cakes! I would choose the giraffe cake. A special little man i know is having a jungle party for his 2nd birthday in a few months and this would be perfect!!

  • Jemma H

    St Paddy’s Day cake as my husband is named Patrick with his birthday falling 2 days before St Patrick’s day, so we can make this great cake to celebrate for both. The kids and I can have lots fun together creating it for him ( and as much fun eating it)

  • kerry mercieca

    SUPERHERO GIRL CAKE KIT my granddaughter is always telling me girls make better superhero’s than boys and she is going to be a superhero when she grows up because there is only a couple of girl superheros

  • Rachel

    Totally love the Ninja Cake Kit, my son would love it 🙂

  • Paula

    I would love to learn how to cake decorate with different icing types, would love to make the owl cake for my daughters 4th birthday and get my confidents to create for other occasions this will help me out a lot.

  • Mandy Graham

    Shark cake is cool.

  • Cate

    I’d definitely chose the Buzz cake as my son has been asking for a Buzz Lightyear cake since his last birthday party. I’ve been trying to change his mind, but he can’t be moved. March is coming soon and I’ve been living in fear of my failed attempt at Buzz. To say I’m not the best cook is an understatement-I even turned the cream into butter on his first birthday cake (which was a bought pavlova-ha ha!)

  • Sophia

    The minion cake for sure my daugther celebrating her 8 bday soon after having a transplant we watched this movie many many times in hospital those characters gave us some good laughs!!!!

  • Jessica Tibbits

    Monster High Cake kit, I would be a hero with my girls.

  • Amanda S

    The Butterfly cake would be perfect for my daughter’s first birthday. It’s pretty and bright and my son also loves butterflies so he would have fun helping me make it.