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I love chocolate,  but my husband is the biggest chocolate lover you will ever meet, no honestly you have never seen a man who loves chocolate as much as he does. I have seen him down blocks in a few minutes and then still go sniffing for more!

A trip to the dr a couple weeks ago confirmed that hubby needed to watch his cholesterol and sugar intake, which has proven to be difficult with a sweet eater. So we were super excited when a sugar free chocolate package, from Well Naturally arrived on our door step.

Well Naturally has no sugar added  to their Chocolate, and is naturally sweetened with Stevia. Stevia is a plant-based ingredient which has zero calories and no impact on blood sugar levels.

We like the fact that you can still have a chocolate treat without feeling guilty, an average serve or 3 pieces is approx  60 calories, which is less then a yogurt or apple and great for when 3pm hits and you need to curb a sweet craving.

Hubby and I set about trialing the flavors pretty much as soon as we opened the package. I went off to make a coffee to come back and find that hubby had already started without me.

Although we love our chocolate we are pretty fussy when it comes to taste,  this is our verdict on each flavor:

Well Naturally  Dark Chocolate Rich Dark: This flavor is quite intense and as far as dark chocolates go I would say this one is pretty good, it sort of remind me of the dark Club chocolate, without the sugar of course. We really enjoyed this with a cup of coffee.

Well Naturally Dark Chocolate Mint Crisp: This  is hubbys favourite, Rich dark chocolate with loads of sparkly mint crisps through it, delicious!

Well Naturally Dark Chocolate Acai: This one was nice but my least favorite in the range, it is not as sweet as the others but dark chocolate lovers will still like it. It has acai berries mixed in with the chocolate.

Well Naturally Milk Chocolate Creamy Milk: This flavor is the closet tasting to main stream chocolate, in my opinion if you didn’t know it was sugar free you would not know the difference. It is smooth and creamy and very yummy.
Well Naturally Milk Chocolate Fruit & Nut: And we saved the best for last, this is my favorite in the range packed with fruit and nuts. we will definitely be buying this one again.
They also have a range of cooking chocolate, and come in blocks and snack bar sizes.

Well Naturally products are available in Woolworths, Coles, independent grocers, health food stores and good pharmacies nationwide. For more information, please visit


And guess what well Naturally has given us 2 packs to giveaway!

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