Cooking With Left Overs


I decided back in January this year, that I was going to try and reduce how much wasted food we had been going through. I decided that I would be more mindful of how much I bought while grocery shopping and also what was still left in the fridge before I did another big shop.

One of the things that has reduced our wastage is cooking with leftovers, or spicing up leftovers into something else.

I often do up a Sunday lunch based on what is left in the fridge. I do my groceries on a Monday (as my diet starts every Monday, so I don’t tend to buy junk if I shop on Mondays) I will go through the fridge and come up with something based on what we have. This is a great way to prevent food wastage and also saves money.

We had the following things left over last week:

Roast sweet potato, roast pumpkin, roast capsicum and roast onion from the night before roast dinner.

Half a container of corn and peas which we had 2 nights back.

A handful of ham left over from kids lunch’s.

I then turned it into the following:

I slightly warmed the roast veges and then added them to some baby spinach  and diced olives, I also had a few cashew nuts before serving.

I then added 5 eggs, the corn and peas, an onion diced, half a tomato I had in the fridge, 2 and half cups flour, half teaspoon of vegetta, a cup of grated cheese, the left over ham, 2 grated carrots, half a grated zucchini I had left over and pinch off pepper. I then mixed it all together added to a cake tin and baked in oven on 180degrees for 40 mins. once cooked I turned it out onto a plate, sliced and served with warm roasted salad.

It is so easy and the good thing about it is you can use what ever you have left over, I find with 2 and half cups of flour and 5 eggs as a base I can normally add anything.

The other good thing, is hubby takes the left overs for work lunch the next day yay!

Obviously you should use common sense when cooking with left overs especially cold meats, if its growing mold then its best to chuck it, unless its cheese and then you can trick your visitors into thinking you have fancy aged cheese lol

Do you have a good left overs recipe? If so share below x


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