Friday night is known as takeaway night in our house, by the time Friday comes I am stuffed so I want something really easy.

A few months ago I was going over our budget and realised we were spending $141.00 a month on takeaway! EEEKK…….And that’s not eating out all the time, it’s just 4 people eating fish and chips on a Friday night!

I had to get my thinking cap on and think of something where we could still have our Friday night ‘treat’ and it has to be quick and easy after all isn’t that what takeaway is about?

So this is what I’ve come up with:

A box of fish cost 75 cents a piece.  I got a pack of 12 on special for $9 from Woolworths. Normally they’re around $12 a box.

MaCain Chips cost $3.79 from Coles and you get approx: 8 serves out of a pack so equals approx: 50 cents a serve.

I purchased these cute cups from Big W for $2 for 8 (that’s 25 cents each).

So all up the kids meal including the cup is $1.50 each. 

For hubby, I give him 2 pieces of fish, chips and we halved a $5 tub of salad from Coles.

With a total cost of $4.50 each including the salad for hubby and I.

It is as simple as putting everything on one tray and baking on 200 degrees for 25 mins, that’s all I do, then serve up.

I purchased the cute little metal baskets from HOME shop and I serve it on a wooden breadboard with a side of sauce and lemon for hubby and for the kids I put the fish and chips in a little cup and they loved it!

It normally costs us $37.00 on a Friday night if we get our regular fish and chips, this way it costs us $12.00 all up for the four of us. The kids don’t know any different as its presented like takeaway and hubby likes it better then our local fish and chip shop so win win all around. More importantly it’s not that hard to put together.  I figure with the $104 that we save a month we could eat out at a few fine dining restaurants a year and have some real culinary experiences.

I know takeaway isn’t for everyone we aren’t suggesting that everyone rush out and buy chips lol This is simply if you like the odd takeout but like to keep some dollars in your pocket. It is an alternative to consider.

Do you have any other tips for cheap takeout, share below if you do!



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  • Jo

    Thank you so much for this! Living in the country we don’t get too many take away options. The club does f&c on a Saturday but it can be hard with 2 boisterous little ones. The cups are so cute

    • It really is so easy, and you could even look on ebay for some cute little cups, (they make all the difference, the kids don’t think its takeaway without the cups lol) x

  • Robyna @themummyandtheminx

    I LOVE this idea. Our last fish and chip bill rivalled our quarterly electricity bill, so I am def keen to give this a go.