The Easiest Way To Bake A Cake! That actually looks good!


I’m going to put it out there cake decorating has never been my forte! I can guarantee a couple of them “failed”. Yep those pictures circulating around the web are of my cakes haha. I am however getting better. It really comes down to knowledge and  a few simple tips, the biggest tip we have especially if you are time poor or not sure how to go about making or decorating a cake, is get yourself a “Cake 2 The Rescue” Kit!

These Kits are fantastic! There are loads of designs to choose from and not just for birthday cakes. They have cakes for all occasions even adults cakes. We chose the “Rainbow Cake Kit.” Honestly I can’t express how much we love these, I have made two from their range now and it so simple and easy to follow.

Why we love these kits:

1. Everything you need is in the kit, (except eggs and butter) you even get a rolling pin, how cool is that?


2. Even if you mess up a little like I did ( I didn’t tap the cake on the counter to remove any air) they still ice perfectly.


3.  All templates, fondant cutters are included, easy instructions to follow, pretty much fool proof!


4.  The supplies are in abundance! At least that’s what we found, we had a fair bit of fondant and icing mixture left over, you definitely won’t have to scrape the bowl, unless you are eating the leftovers with a spoon haha.

5. The best part is the cake actually tasted amazing. The vanilla flavour was light, fluffy and absolutely delicious!

And here is the end result:



 A couple of tips:

If your fondant sticks use icing sugar to help (not flour like I did the first time haha). Don’t worry if it is visible on the fondant it will absorb in after an hour or so.

Start with a clean work space, as you will be doing a fair bit of fondant rolling.

Don’t worry if its not 100% right you can see that my rainbow is slightly bigger then the template, but it still looks good 🙂

If you would like to purchase a Cake 2 The Rescue Kit for yourself then click on this link:

Check out what is happening at Cake 2 The Rescue headquarters here:



Cake 2 The Rescue also have a YouTube channel which has great video tips and one in particular with a secret tip for covering a cake in fondant.

Baker Girl Lou from Cake 2 The Rescue has been kind enough to give us one kit to give away! Simply make sure you are a follower of Cake 2 The Rescue and Make It Fake It Bake it on Facebook. You can can do this easily in the app below, simply hit “like” then “I am a fan” button. The pinterest option is not mandatory but it is there if you would like a bonus 10 entries 🙂




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