Menulog You’re My Saviour!


Menulog you’re my saviour this week! I was in such a rush on Thursday morning that I forgot to pull the chicken out of the freezer for dinner! I realised when I was on the train on the way home from work Damn! I didn’t have anything ready to go either as I was going to do a cook up on the weekend to replenish the stocks! Thinking what on earth was I going to cook? Then I remembered…..Arrhh yes my Menulog voucher!

I got on my phone, pulled the Menulog app and away I went! I decided on Chinese from Noble Palace Chinese Restaurant, decided on what we wanted and placed the order for a 6pm delivery all within less than 5 minutes. Dinner sorted! That was one of the 20 things sorted for the evening. Within a couple minutes I received an email confirming my order and time of delivery as well as a text confirming the time of delivery. I got home with the Gremlin and got a couple things sorted, Hubby walked through the door at 5.30pm and we actually had time to play together, which was a lovely change instead of rushing about on a ‘school night’ to get everything sorted for dinner, bath, the bags packed for the next day! At 5.50pm the doorbell rang and it was our dinner….10 minutes early! How good is that! The food was delicious! I have to say that we haven’t had Chinese in quite a while and I was very impressed. I recommend you give them ago:

With over 4200 restaurants to choose from across Australia this app certainly makes choosing what’s for dinner easier.  They’ve got over 14,000 specials going and offer 10% off your second order. Awesome huh! Menulog is a winner for our dinner. It’s quick, easy to use, convenient and great when like me, you forget to pull the chicken out that morning or night before! I recommend downloading the app today!

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  • Suzanne Brazenall

    Would LOVE a night away from cooking.

  • Rose Zag

    Appreciates a break and some home delivered takeaway, love menu log and have ordered from this site many times with great satisfaction, thank you

  • Connie Dunning

    Love this website!! Love this concept!!”

  • ripeka clapham

    need night off

  • Need night off