Chocolate Heaven With Wonka!


Wonka has done it again! I am really enjoying the new flavours!  Mr Wonka kindly gifted us with a few bars to try out: Cookies and Creamery, Triple Chocolate Whipple, Wonka Chocolate Tales and the Caramel Hat Trick. The flavours are interesting and make you want just a little bit more.

Triple Chocolate Whipple is creamy and smooth and the cool thing is that one pipe is filled with smooth fudge and the other is flowing with a decadent chocolate sauce that oozes over a crunchy chocolate cookie base. This one is for all those chocolate lovers out there who need a triple choc hit!

Caramel Hat Trick well what can I say? Full of surprises! Two of Mr Wonka’s hats are full of delicious caramel while the third hat is packed with crunchy caramel pieces. No wonder it’s called Hat Trick! Pretty cool huh? I love a good caramel and this one gets the thumbs up. Really love the trickery of this bar! Hubby and I fight over the hats and taunt each other when we get the crunchie pieces hahahaha

Wonka Chocolate Tales is quite interesting! It’s simply a smooth and creamy milk chocolate block that tells a story. Each block of Wonka’s Chocolate Tales contains one of five unique stories. While you devour the chocolate you can read an interesting story. How intriguing!

But, I have to say that the rich creamy flavours and creamy texture of Wonka’s Cookies and Creamery chocolate bar has hooked me….line and sinker! Yeah, Cookies and Cream has been done before, however, the thing I really like about Wonka’s is that it’s not only got a cookie pieces in vanilla flavoured cream but that dash of secret sauce which adds a soft yet intense flavour that surprises the tastebuds when you bite into it.

The chunks are small, perfect bite size and are lovely way to satisfy that chocolate craving.

I love the shape and details of the bars too! Instead of being your standard square they’re shaped and the details on each piece make it look a bit more interesting and appealing.

I recommend giving these ago and the added bonus is that there are only 3 Golden Tickets left! Just Imagine winning and having the 0pportunity to design your own chocolate bar!

I am off to the shop, in hope of winning a Golden Ticket!  Wonka is available at Woolworths, IGA and selected petrol stations and convenient outlets.

Leave a comment with what bar you would design if you won a golden ticket!


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  • I would design the cookies and cream cos i love it. 😀

  • I would design a caramel and English Toffee bar mmmmmm

  • Carla

    Love cookies and cream its my favourite

  • Sonia rajaratnam

    Any thing dark chocolate good with fruit or nut

  • Chelsea Roberts

    I would design the caramel hat trick. I love caramel

  • Yum – love Wonka’s chocolate! 🙂 Cheers!

  • sarah wiliams

    I would design strawberries and cream

  • Tracy Reid

    Comment and liked

  • brittany black

    Definatly cookies and cream 🙂

  • I would design caramel hat trick… mmmm

  • Jess

    Strawberries and cream for sure yummo!!

  • Tess

    I would have coconut, almond, white chocolate and a touch of mint flakes

  • I would design a Oreo style cookie smash with Red Frogs oozing Turkish delight and Clinkers. Yummo

  • Melissa

    I would design a peanut brittle, with chocolate fudge sauce