Edible Art Work For Father’s Day!


We took a visit to our local baking shop last month and we came across these cool edible decorating pens. Our kids love to cook and be creative with icing and toppings but sometimes it can be a little messy, especially with little ones.  So we thought we would give these a whirl and let the kids decorate some cup cakes for dad for fathers day.

The day before we decorated we rolled out some white fondant and then cut out 12 circles with a cookie cutter, we then let them sit over night in a container with the lid slightly off. This helped firm the fondant up a bit so the kids could draw on them easily.

We made 12 cupcakes the day before as well, we weren’t to fussy with the cake mix in fact we just used a Betty Crocker cake mix that we found on special for $2.50 at Woolies. We made them the day before so they were ready to decorate and completely cool.

Once the fondant was firm enough, we put down some baking paper on the kitchen table and the kids set about drawing on the circles. They loved it and kept them entertained for at least an hour, and we had time to have a cuppa in peace lol.

When the kids had finished we slightly iced the cupcakes with the icing that came with the cake mix, just enough for the fondant to stick on top, then we place the fondant circles on top and pressed down gently. Then that’s it, arrange on a plate and present to dad!

The kids had a blast and made each cupcake unique for dad. The aim isn’t to make them perfect, it is for the kids to express themselves and have a bit of fun while making something special for dad!

The pens are awesome, they come out vibrant and our kids have used them a few times now and they are going strong still.

These are the pens we used, you can purchase them on ebay or by shopping here: http://www.glasshousecakes.com.au/pd-americolor-gourmet-writer—coloured.cfm

For more ideas on using edible pens check out our Pinterest board here: http://www.pinterest.com/mfbit/edible-art-pens/


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  • Tess

    Cool! they look like a lot of fun. 🙂

  • This is a fab idea. I didn’t know these pens existed. My girls are going to have so much fun doing this. Thank you they will make great gifts

    • They are awesome, my kids use them all the time. There is some great inspiration on pinterest as well if you need some more ideas 🙂