The Guide to Making Perfect Tic Toc Tea Cups


The Guide to Making Perfect Tic Toc Tea Cups

Many of us grew up eating Tic Toc biscuits. In fact, many of us learnt how to tell the time using them too (me included)! Tic Toc biscuits are great on their own, but add a couple of other yummy ingredients into the mix and you have the most gorgeous little Tic Toc Tea Cups. These are perfect for baby showers, birthday parties or high teas.

Best of all, they are really easy to make. If you have kids, why not get them in on the action and helping out in the kitchen.

To make the Tic Toc Tea Cups, you will need:

• 1 X 250g packet of Arnott’s Tic Toc biscuits
• 1 X 250g marshmallows
• 1 X 200g Freckles chocolates
• 1 packet musk Lifesavers
• 120g white chocolate melts, melted

Start by laying the Tic Toc biscuits out, coloured side facing up, on a sheet of baking paper.

Using a very sharp knife, carefully cut the musk lifesavers in half and set aside.

Whenever I make Tic Toc Tea Cups I like to use pink and white marshmallows and match the white marshmallows with the pink Tic Toc biscuits and the pink marshmallows with the yellow Tic Tocs. However, you can use any flavour or colour marshmallows you like!

Melt the white chocolate melts in the microwave on 50% power for 3 minutes (or until just melted), stirring every 30 seconds.Place a small dollop of white chocolate into the centre of the Tic Toc biscuits and carefully place a marshmallow on top. Place a small amount of white chocolate onto the top of each marshmallow and pop a chocolate Freckle on.

Carefully dip the two cut ends of your musk lifesavers into the white chocolate and place onto the sides of the marshmallows (to resemble the handle). You might need to hold the lifesaver on for 20 seconds to make sure the chocolate has set.

Store in an airtight container for 3-5 days.

Did you grow up eating Tic Toc biscuits too? What other cute party food do you love to make?

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