A quick hack on how to decorate owl cupcakes!

owls cupcake

So I saw this on pinterest and fell in love with it instantly, one because who doesn’t love Oreos and two because as a busy mum anything that doesn’t take me more then an hour is pretty genius in my books!

So heres how we decorated them!

We used our awesome chocolate cake recipe that you can find here:  Chocolate cake We just altered to make cup cakes, it made 12.

We used a basic icing recipe that we used from here: chocolate icing

Once the cakes cooled we iced them and then started to decorate.

You will need:

24 Oreo biscuits with the tops taken off, set the tops aside and even use to make balls like these ones: Mars Bar balls

12 Orange smarties, you can use whatever colour you like though.

24 brown smarties for eyes.

Then it is as simple as putting 2 Oreos side by side for the main part of the eyes.

Dab a little chocolate on the back of the brown smarties and sit them in the whites of the Oreos.

Add the orange smartie on its side for the nose /beak.

Ant there you have it easy owl cupcakes yum!

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