Dairy Milk Alternatives – Your Essential Guide


If dairy milk is no longer part of your diet, there is no need to worry about what milk you can add to your breakfast cereal in the mornings thanks to our handy list of non dairy milk alternatives.

Soy Milk

Soy milk is possibly the most well known non dairy milk alternative and it has a very similar consistency to dairy milk which makes it easy to substitute.

Oat Milk

Oat Milk is a great non dairy substitute for your cereal, porridge and even baking! It’s high in fibre and contains naturally occurring sugars which help give it a yummy sweet taste.  Because it’s sweet there is no need to add extra sugar or any artificial sweeteners.  If you are also on a gluten free diet, make sure you check the label first as sometimes gluten free oats are not used.

Rice Milk

Rice Milk is a great alternative to dairy milk for kids as it has a watery texture but is not so good to use as a substitute when baking.  Many of the store bought rice milks are fortified with minerals and vitamins such as Iron, B Vitamins and Calcium.  You can also make your own rice milk by boiling rice and blending it or by mixing rice flour with water and straining it to remove any clumps.

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk is a delicious non dairy alternative when cooking soups, curries and baking and is also yummy when added to cereals and smoothies. It has the lowest calories of the non dairy milks but also has the highest saturated fat content.

Almond Milk

Similar to soy milk, almond milk also has a subtle nutty flavour and can be used as an easy substitute to dairy or soy milk (for those with allergies) in most instances.

Do you use dairy milk alternatives? Which is your favourite?

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