Chicken Parmesan Cups



So I made these the other week, and curry puffs at the same time for lunches.  My husband pulled the parmesan cups out of the oven while I was otherwise occupied (possibly child related) and he decided to try one straight from the muffin pan.  I had made dinner already (lamb shanks I believe) and he only requested a small portion.  Now, my husband doesn’t do ‘small’ portions, oh no.  I mean, you only have to look at his lovely keg to realize this (and honey, if you are reading this, I LOVE your keg – kiss kiss). I asked him why, and he sorted of mumbled.  I went into the kitchen and nearly ALL of the parmesan cups had been consumed.  A mere few crumbs remained.

Actually, about 6 remained, but I had originally made 12.

So, he took nearly all the them for crib the next day.  I’d say, that’s a WIN for Jessica.

So the recipe for this is quite simple.


2 sheets of puff or short crust pastry

Olive oil spray

1 cup of Cheddar cheese

300g of chopped Chicken (it can be any chicken, so long as it is cooked – this recipe is great if you have some leftovers from a roast chook)

200g bacon (chopped, now you can fry it  up beforehand, so its got that lovely crunch, but if you cant be bothered it still tastes great)

2-3 cups of Passata

I also added dried Italian herbs, because I can’t help myself (freshly chopped basil also gives it that lovely peppery herby kick)



Just spray some olive oil into muffin tins, cut your puff pastry into squares (to fit) the muffin holes and then add your chicken (I used some leftover BBQ chook) you could use chicken snitzel or any chicken really – so long as it is cooked – into the pastry cups. You don’t have to fry up the bacon, but I did the second time around, you could use ham if you don’t have bacon. Then your passata (a good tablespoon in each cup) and then your cheese (and herbs if you have them).

Bang in the oven on high (I’d say 200) for about 15 minutes, or until you can see the edges of the pastry have gone brown and the cheese is lovely and bubbly.


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Jess Steel
Jess Steel
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