bacon and cheese mini quiches

Lunchbox Ready: Bacon and Cheese Mini Quiches

With the start of the school year fast approaching, we’re all starting to think about lunch boxes… and more specifically, what on earth we’re going to fill them with! Yep, the job of thinking up new and exciting lunch box fillers can be tiring work. So, in order to take the stress out of planning what to pop into your little ones lunch box, we’ve come up with a delicious recipe for Bacon & Cheese Quiches. They’re quick, they’re easy and best of all, you can make a huge double or triple batch and freeze them in individual portions.

These quiches are made with frozen puff pastry so they’re super simple to whip up. Defrost three sheets of puff pastry and then using a 10cm round cookie cutter (or any 10cm round object like a small bowl/cup), cut out 4 circles from each sheet.

Grease a 12 muffin hole tin and then gently press one pastry circle into each muffin hole. Make sure your pastry is completely defrosted as this will allow you to stretch and move the pastry easily.

Meanwhile, fry off some shortcut bacon in a frying pan until just starting to crisp up. Pop the bacon into the bottom of each pastry hole. Add a little grated cheese. Pour over the egg mixture. Place into a preheated oven and cook for 20 minutes or until the pastry is crispy and the egg has set.

Leave in the muffin pans for a few minutes to cool slightly and then gently remove each quiche from the tray (if they’re a little stuck, simply use a butter knife to ease away from the edges).

For best results, eat immediately or store in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 days. Otherwise, freeze in individual portions until required and then reheat before serving.

Makes 12


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What are your favourite lunch box fillers?

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  • I think I could live on quiche or frittatas and yours look amazing. Perfect for on-the-go people.