Save Time, Money (and Your Sanity) with These After School Snack Ideas You Can Make Ahead of Time


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After School Snack Ideas You Can Make Ahead of Time

It doesn’t seem to matter how much food my children take to school in their lunchbox, they always come home complaining that they are starving! I can guarantee that within the first 60 seconds of them entering the house, at least one (but more often all three) will have made a beeline straight for the fridge or the pantry looking for something to cure their rumbling tummies. And of course they want something that instant that doesn’t require them to have to do anything – otherwise they are likely to stand in front of the pantry (that’s bursting at the seams with food) and wail “There’s nothing here to eat!” You’re nodding because this happens in your house too, aren’t you?

Now I don’t profess to be a domestic guru (far from it actually), but I do love to share tips with fellow parents that work. Let’s face it we all want the same things – more money, less stress, more time, less whining! I’ve found that preparing after school snacks on a Sunday ready for the week ahead ticks all of these boxes. Cooking and preparing food in batches is economical, it frees up my time during the week and makes rushing off to after school sports and activities a lot easier, and the kids can help themselves to instant food (that hasn’t been processed). What is there not to love about that?

Here are some after school snack ideas that work for my family:

Fruit Salad

Having individual premade fruit salads on hand in the fridge means that I can ensure my family is getting a range of different fruits and nutrients into them in one shot. They take next to no time to prep – besides a little washing and chopping, and it’s hard to resist the lovely mix of colours. My eldest likes to add a few dollops of yogurt onto the top of his.

Fruit Icy Poles

There is nothing better than a nice cold icy pole on a hot day. Making your own is a great way to use up fruit that might otherwise have gone bad, and freeze the nutrients into them. It’s also a good way of sneaking some extra fruit into their diet if they don’t tend to reach for the fruit bowl enough.

Vegetables and Dip

What kid doesn’t love to dip? I’m pretty certain I could get my kids to eat anything if they were allowed to dunk it into a tzatziki dip or a tasty relish first! Hyperlink to relish recipe

Having prewashed and chopped veggies such as carrots, celery, green beans, capsicum etc ready and waiting means they can get their dip on at a moments notice!

Sausage Rolls and Pasties

On days when we have cricket practice or other after school sports I tend to feed my children a more substantial snack that’ll fuel them through for the next hour of activities, and keep hunger pangs at bay until dinnertime. Cooking up big batches of sausage rolls and pasties on a Sunday afternoon means we have a great snack available at the ready to be eaten hot or cold. The great thing about them too, is that I can also keep a batch in the freezer – for impromptu visitors, or last minute picnics etc.

This recipe is a personal family favorite that my kids ask for year round.


You can find the full recipe here insert link to recipe

Muffins and Cookies

Don’t under-estimate these traditionally sweet-treats as a way of getting some of the good stuff into your family. One of the tastiest chocolate chip cookie recipe’s I’ve ever made actually uses chickpeas in place of flour – and you’d never know it! Similarly, muffins made with naturally sweet vegetables like carrots, zucchini, etc, will get snapped up by your hungry hoards. Don’t be afraid to get creative and throw in some extra ingredients – chia seeds are my tried and tested go-to.

What other after-school, after sport and hungry hoards snack tips do you have? I’m sure we’d all love to hear about them!

Check out more recipe ideas and food inspiration on Keen’s Australia Facebook page and the website.

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