10 Easy Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Checkout

Ways to save money grocery shopping

Like most of us, every week I do my grocery shop I cringe at the cost! It always amazes me how much it costs to feed your family good, healthy food. And so, I set out to research the best (and easiest) ways to save money at the grocery checkout… and here’s what I found:

1. Buy staple items in bulk

If you see toilet paper on special, then buy it in bulk. Sure it’s a bit of a pain to store 50 rolls of toilet paper, but you know that you’re going to use it. Just make sure that the items you buy in bulk are non-perishable and are things that you use regularly. Dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, washing powder and tinned¬†fruit/vegetable are all great things to buy in bulk when they’re on sale.

2. Shop late at night

Not only will you miss the crowds by shopping late at night, you’ll also save a whole lot of money. You’ll find that grocery items with short dates, such as bread, cakes and meat will all be marked down. Grab yourself a bargain or two!

3. Coupon codes

Coupon codes are the bargain hunters best friend. Type ‘Woolworths coupon code May 2015’ into Google (or whatever your local supermarket is). You’ll be surprised at the coupons you can find! I’ve saved up to $50 using this trick… and have also got free home delivery lots of times too.

4. Buy no-name brands

I do a lot of cooking at home and I can tell you that I always use no name flour, sugar and other staples. Trust me, no-one will know the difference and you’ll save yourself a whole lot of pennies.

5. Buy cheaper cuts of meat

Sure an eye fillet steak is tasty, but it’s also mouth-wateringly expensive. Buy cheaper cuts of meat and use them in casseroles and slow cooked meals. Cheaper cuts always taste better in these types of meals anyway!

6. Aim for 1-2 meat-free dinner a week

Try and serve vegetarian dinners 1-2 times per week. You’ll save a huge amount of money and you’ll also find that you’re eating way more vegetables at the same time. Things like homemade baked beans, dahl, tuna mornay and vegetable curries are all great options.

Brown muesli bars

One of the most expensive items you can buy at the supermarket are pre-packaged muesli bars. Make your own at home and save yourself a pretty penny. A bag of rolled oats will cost you around $1 and then add in any nuts and fruits you like.

8. Buy whatever is in season

We’ve all scoffed at the cost of blueberries when they’re not in season ($8.99 anyone?). Buying seasonal fruits and vegetables will save you money and you’ll also find that the quality is far better too.

9. Make a list

Have you ever gone to the supermarket without a list only to leave an hour later and $250 poorer? Yep, me too. Plan your meals, make a list of everything you need and then stick to it.

10. Find the ‘not-so-perfect’ fruit and vegetable trolley

Most supermarkets have a trolley that contains fruit and vegetables that are slightly marked or odd shaped. They still taste fine (but just don’t look quite so pretty!). This is a great way to save money. Some supermarkets reduce the price of the trolley items dramatically, while others allow you to fill up a bag for a designated amount. Either way, you’re going to get a total bargain!

What are you favourite tips and tricks for saving money at the supermarket?

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