10 Super Sneaky Ways To Get Your Kids Eating More Vegetables


Of course, we all want our kids to eat more vegetables. However, there’s only so many times you can put up with noses being turned up at dinner-time, faces scrunched up at lunch-time, and shrieks of horror when you pull out some vegetables sticks for an afternoon snack!

If you’ve got a full-on veggie hater in your house, then we have 10 super sneaky tricks to help you…

1. Use avocado in place of butter or margarine.

When you’re making sandwiches try using avocado instead of butter or margarine. It has such a mild flavour that chances are, your kids won’t notice at all! If switching to avocado is too much, try using avocado on one piece of bread and butter on the other to start off with and then slowly move to using avocado on both pieces of bread.

2. Make a smoothie

Smoothies are one of the quickest, easiest and yummiest ways to hide vegetables. Add a few handfuls of baby spinach into a berry smoothie and chances are they won’t notice a thing. Or why not make a green monster smoothie which baby spinach, kiwi fruit, pears, yoghurt and milk.

3. Add cauliflower to the mix

Cauliflower has such a subtle flavour, so you can easily add it to pasta sauces and mashed potato with no-one being any the wiser!

4. Make a batch of savoury muffins

Whip up a batch of savoury muffins. The yummy flavours will totally override the vegetables. If you’re kids are extra fussy, try pureeing the vegetables first so that they don’t notice them at all. Click here for a great savoury muffin recipe. 

5. Keep things sweet with carrots

Carrots are a great way to sweeten up cakes and muffins without the extra sugar. Try making a batch of healthy muffins using carrot, apple and zucchini.  These make the perfect afternoon treat.

6. Zucchini It Up!

Zucchini is perfect for keeping biscuits, slices and cakes moist. Whether you’re making a zucchini slice, ‘kitchen sink’ biscuits or zucchini and corn muffins, zucchinis are a great way to smuggle in un-noticed vegetables!

7. Sneaky Meatballs

Add grated vegetables to your meatballs for a yummy dinner that’s sure to be gobbled up.

8. Good old Spaghetti Bolognese 

Spag bol is always a family favourite. Add very finely chopped vegetables to the sauce for a veggie-packed dinner.

9. Make a dip

Puree pumpkin, cauliflower or avocado for a deliciously healthy dip. Serve it with crackers and vegetable sticks for a great after-school energy booster.

10. Make your own chips

You’d be hard pressed to find a child who doesn’t like potato chips. Make your own healthy oven-baked version using potatoes and sweet potatoes. Delicious, healthy and super easy!

Do you have a little one who doesn’t like eating vegetables? What sneaky tactics do you use to get them to gobble up their veggies?

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