2 Ingredients Ice Cream, Under 110 Calories!


This is a great healthy alternative to store bought ice cream. My Miss 4 and Mr 2 always ask for  ice cream, so I came up with this healthy alternative to the store bought stuff. I normally give the kids one of these in the afternoon for a snack, I can even bribe them to pick up their toys in exchange for an “ice cream” < insert wicked mum laugh here.

Seriously these are so yummy, low calories, each one averages about 110 calories per serve and each recipe will serve 4 people. I like that I can use whatever we have in the fridge, you can also try other ingredients like: honey, coconut, carob powder, apple, pear, etc Get creative!

Here are 3 of the flavor’s I make regularly:

Chocolate / Banana: 3 Frozen bananas and 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder. I also sometimes use protein powder.

Mango: 2 Frozen bananas and 2 cups of frozen mango.

Berry:  2 Frozen bananas and 2 cups of mixed frozen berries.

Simply pop ingredients into a blender or Thermomix and blitz on high for 2 minutes. After a minute of blitzing check how it looks you may want to add 10 mls of milk, or juice to bind it together. (I find the berry mix needs a little bit of juice to get a smooth consistency).

Then simply scoop into cups and serve YUM!

What other flavors would you do?



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  • Shaun Briggs

    how are these only 110 calories? each banana alone is 100 cal

    • Hi Shaun, each recipe serves 4 people divide the calories by 4 and works out to approx. 110calories 🙂